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Hello, my uncle has a peach tree that is about to fall over because there is so many peaches... he is using a ladder to hold it up now otherwise it might split in half. he has some questions about when can he harvest the peaches and what can he do to save the tree. Can someone help!? Thank you very much in advance for your input.

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Melissa adding to the notes about supporting the tree branches, Deane keeps a supply of 2 x 4s for various purposes and this is one of them.  He props each heavy branch up with a board and saves the tree limbs while waiting for the fruit to ripen.

On pickling.  I did a post on pickling baby peaches but you can use the same recipe for semi ripe or ripe fruit.  Just remove the pit.  This is a refrigerator pickle, but if your Uncle is into canning you can can them.   This is a sweet tart pickle.


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