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I spent about an hour in the coop today. I was doing a heavy duty clean up. Neither of my 2 easter egger has laid an egg for several months. I think it started with them molting, but they're both nicely feathered now, and yet no colored eggs. One of these ladies was in a nest box for a long time. I started to hear an odd sound coming from her, best described as a pump that will not prime. I pulled her out of the box and found a pasty butt. I took her into the barn and ran some water over her bottom and got her cleaned up. I then lubricated my finger with veggie oil and went on an anal probe mission. I could feel that there was an egg up there, but within some internal membrane still. It didn't seem low enough yet to be stuck. What do I do next?

I've also had quite a number of very thin eggs, and also eggs with no egg shells at all over the past cooler months. There is always oyster shell available,and I've also tried to mix some of the shell with their food. In a different thread, I was looking for suggestions on why I've got 15 ladies and only getting an average of 7 eggs daily. Yes, there's a timer for extra light. No, I'm not overloading them with extras. I'm feeding them layer mix. The ladies are half coming up on 1 year old and the others coming up on 2 years old. I have no mites. I've seen no sign of worms. The coop is clean and airy. I feed them twice a day, and there's almost always a bit of food left when I refill the feeder. Things in the coop don't feel bad to me, but I am feeling like something is not right and my production is way below what I should be getting, and so not an efficient operation. Ideas? Suggestions?

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Okay, thank you - I mentioned average because one of my girls would lay an egg about every 22-23 hours during the warmest months, but I know they did not come up to 300 counting the molt time.


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