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I am not sure when to harvest my onions or garlic.  Books (even for AZ) say to harvest when stalks start to dry out.  But my onions have long passed the provided maturity date for its type and they sure are not drying out.  I have been nipping off the seed head.  So when to pull out???  I did turn off the water to this bed.  In early September (so 210 days have passed), planted Red Onion Creole (110 days), Red Grano Onion (112 days), Red Burgundy Onions (110 days), Texas Early Grano 502 PRR (178 days), Texas 1015 Y (110 days), Crystal Wax Pearl (60-90 days), Texas Early Grano, and Walla Walla seedlings.  Had started them from seed in early August.


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If you're happy with the size of the bulbs already you can bend the tops over at the base right above the bulb. The bending should get the plant to stop producing tops and go into storage mode. Eventually the green will brown up and the part that turns into the little paper neck you see on onions at the store will become more evident. You can cure them for storage then. Once I harvest and cut my onions, I have enough to get me through to around November when the remainder start to sprout in the pantry.


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