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Hi everyone! I just bought 2 new cacti from the store. They look super fluffy like someone's beard got caught on it. Do you know what kind they are? I seem to have bad luck with cacti which is silly because I'm in Arizona. How do I take care of these so they can grow and flourish, and what's the best way to plant them in the hard soil under the rocks?

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Hi Devin, 

Most people on this site are growing edible plants and may not be the best people to ask about cacti.  But - I do know the people for you!  The Central Arizona Cactus and Succulent Society meets at the DBG monthly.  Their website has a wealth of info about cacti, check it out:

Good luck and happy gardening!


Oh I didn't realize that! Thank you so much for the advice, I will check that out! 


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