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Hi Folks,

My annual Month-by-Month gardening wall calendar is now out for 2017, BUT YOU can use all the information now for your fall gardening help.  All the pictures are taken in my gardens.

This calendar is specific to the desert year-round gardening and USDA Zone 9b and above.  It is more than just the heat and air temperature, it is about soil temperature and daylight hours.


SRP is $19.95 but there is an Early Bird Pricing available until Mid-September = $15.96

My Website.

Always happy to answer questions -- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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Hi Folks,

There are now 3 versions of my 2017 Calendar.

Spiral Bound

PDF- readable on any device which has Adobe Reader on

And a "book" stapled form that can be used at your desk or punched and hung on the wall.  An added bonus is my list of pairings of herbs to foods when cooking.


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