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I need LOTS of mulch and was wodering if there was a closer source to the East Valley than Singh's Farm? I am located in Gold Canyon by the Superstition Mnts.


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I am working on my own...have a chipper but have an pressing need. Thanks
Hey Tom!
Maybe try contacting a few tree care companies. Many will deliver for a small fee, or free, you just need to work within their schedule most of the time. Since you have such a large area to fill, might take quite a few loads! I would start with some companies that work mainly in the east valley.
I have my own supplly of raw material I just need some sooner to help out a bunch of us to get our winter gardens ready. Thanks
It is my understanding that they will dump their chipped material that you would need to convert to mulch...I have a landscape company that generates 20 cubic yards of green waste a week. I am trying to mulch some of it but the process is so slow...takes so much water ( I am on a well)...and I need some good organic mulch now for Fall gardening.
I will call around just to eliminate or confirm that option...thanks.
I just placed a tarp over my large pile after the rains soaked it. Thanks for the tip on nitrogen.
Well, I bit the bullet and went to Sings's farm Saterday and am I ever glad I did! Met Ken himself and he spent a little time with my group showing us around and explaining what he has done. Simply amazing to see what can be done in a few short years with water and smarts. A Permies dream! Came home with about 4 tons of his most excellent mulch and will be selling it at my cost to my group out here in Gold Canyon.

Thank you all for the advice...I have determined that not enough water is my issue and am taking steps to improve...heck even at $40 a ton Singh's is still probably cheaper.


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