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I am looking for these varieties of mesquites and can't find them at any of the nurseries OR on craigslist right now.  Preferably 15 gallon or smaller so I can get them in my car.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


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You may want to try the Desert Botanical Garden plant sale in October. Here is a link to info on that -->

Also, there is a place in Tucson that sells them --> AND Tohono Chul Park I have actually laid eyes on velvet and (I think it was the) Screwbean mesquite. They are having their annual plant sale in early October.

Also, try this link, scroll way down and see a list of AZ nurseries - might be helpful :) ;

BE VERY CAREFUL at the local 'high volume' nurseries. Personally, I am not always sure their plants and trees are accurately labeled when it comes to more exotic/hard to find varieties....

Good LUCK finding your trees!

I agree with caution at major chain nurseries, but even smaller family owned ones.  Make sure you are dealing with a knowledgeable tree person, not just anyone on staff.  I remember when I went to Whitfield Nursery and the helpful teenage salesman tried to tell me the tree labeled Prosopis chilensis was the screwbean mesquite I was looking for.  I told him, no I want a prosopis pubescens and he tried to tell me it was the same thing.  Sigh.  I did see Greg Peterson had an edible mesquite for sale at the last annual fruit tree event.  Maybe you can try there as well?


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