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Hey everyone!

I'm experimenting a lot with fermentation and I was wondering if anyone had a spare kombucha mother or kefir grains. will pay $$$$ if need be.

Also, does anyone know where I can get raw milk (even though its illegal) and local beef?



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I have kombucha scobies and water kefir grains you are welcome to. I'm at 35th Ave and the Loop 101.

Raw milk isn't illegal in AZ. Check out

Beware though, getting on the drop list can take a while. She's really busy and the waiting list is about 6 weeks at this point. Might be even more. Just keep on calling/emailing until she gets to you :) Or, you can just drive out to the dairy and pick up your milk. They are open to the public on Thu and Sat.

We get our local grass-fed beef (and pastured chicken) from these guys: They also frequent several of the local farmer's market, so you can try them there too.

If you join their CSA (which is free) they'll send you emails every once in a while with special pricing on certain cuts. Oh, sometimes they also have pork and lamb, but that's not on a regular basis.

The Meat Shop has grass-fed beef too, as well as pastured pigs, lambs and chickens.

Wow thanks for the information! Yeah I'll have to find JHGrassfed at the market next time I'm there.

I'd love to come out and sample one of your scobies if you have one to spare. Is it in a gallon container? Let me know the size of the container that it's in please so that I can make its transition into a new home more pleasant. What does your schedule look like for Wednesday?

So water kefir grains are not the same as milk kefir grains, correct?  

I brew my kombucha in these kind of gallon containers:

They were on sale for $7 a while back and I got a few. They work great for brewing. However, my scobies are rather large because of that.
But they don't seem to mind adapting. I have an old gallon pickle jar from costco as my scoby hotel (where all the spare scobies hang out) and it has a much smaller opening. They just adjust and grow smaller babies according to the size or your jar. But yes, I mostly brew kombucha in gallons :)

No, water kefir grains ferment in sugar water, not milk.

Much like Kombucha, you ferment with grains, then you can do a second ferment with flavorings, bottle and create a fizzy "soda". They are different probiotic bacteria though, so I have both going. Unlike Kombucha, which takes 4-5 days for the first brew in this weather (and around 6-7 in the winter,) Water Kefir only takes 1-2 days. Water kefir also doesn't need a dark place to brew, the counter top is just fine.

Kombucha needs to be dark to brew, so a cupboard, pantry or covered by a tea towel works best.

Water Kefir does best anaerobically, while Kombucha needs to be exposed to the air (for the first ferment) to do best.

Kombucha and water kefir should not be fermented in the same spot though. So for example, I have my water kefir going on the kitchen counter top and my kombucha hangs out in my pantry. I prepare my kombucha in the kitchen, of course, but when I do the water kefir is sealed and when I decant the water kefir, the kombucha is in the pantry.

Let me get back to you about Wednesday. I will be around some of Wednesday, but my kiddos have various activities, so I don't know when I'll be home!

Hi Birgit,

I know this is an old post - yet do you still have some scoobies?


Hi, guys! I also have a question. I just want to know, have you heard about cannabis butter/oil? Its a thing now. I read that Medical marijuana is a very old medicinal herb that has been used for thousands of years to treat a great variety of ailments. Cannabinoids, have been shown to have anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anxiety reducing properties that have helped a great deal in several illnesses. Like this article Im wonder if someone can teach me how to create an infused cannabis kombucha. I highly appreciated all your help. Thanks!


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