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Hi Folks,

I'm listing two links below - first for my regular monthly planting tips and the other for celebrating Memorial Day / Weekend.

June Planting

In my June planting I discuss density of planting.  Exposed soil in the summer bakes the roots of the plants.  Many folks think they need to shade the plants.  Our edible and other beloved plants need that sun to produce the fruit, leaves, seeds etc. we want.

Shading the soil with dense planting and/or mulch keeps the soil cooler and minimizes evaporation.

Make sure the mulch does not touch your plants keep several inches away from the base of plants.  Pest bugs like mulch too as a subway tunnel to the plants.

Memorial Day

In my Memorial Day post I also took about planting calendar "markers" proposing a new one for Memorial Day.

I also give you some suggestions for including herbs in your food preparations for the grill and my homegrown banana pudding recipe!  Our bananas gave us the best crops this year, so I could not wait to make real banana pudding.

I hope you have a memorable Memorial Day and a happy time in the June garden.


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Thanks for sharing such important information with us.


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