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Hi Folks,

Time for my monthly planting information for the coming month.


My Personal New Year's Tradition is to Plant Potatoes!  That get's my "spring" gardening going and kind of closes out the major festivities.  So on New Year's Day I get them in, covered with mulch and give them a sprinkle of water.  I always step back and smile at the mound of leaf mulch I know hides the start of my potato patch.

SEED Selection:  Where possible choose short maturity (75 days or less) for maximum production.  Plant short rows in succession of veggies like carrots ( 2 feet at a time) to provide continuous harvest potential (can you really use 12 feet of carrots all at once?).  Also, start seeds like tomato, basil, eggplant and peppers indoors under lights or in a greenhouse to set out February 1st (with frost protection)

See the rest of this long post on my blog.

Have a Great Time in the Garden and Kitchen!

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