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Join Master Gardener Kelly Athena's presentation about harvesting, storing, and eating delicious beans from our state tree. They are abundant in the Valley and ripe starting now through May. Taste a sample of the edamame-like beans and learn the difference between four different types of Palo Verdes. Also learn about the rare Elephant Trees in South Mountain Park and how to identify and enjoy other desert plants and birds. Bonus: Hula Hoe demonstration for pesticide-free weeding.
6-7 p.m. on Thursday, April 28, at Ironwood Library, 44th St. and Chandler Blvd. in Ahwatukee
4333 E. Chandler Blvd., Phoenix 85048  

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I usually start sampling early April.  I did not know you could still eat them in May. You can also sprout mature "beans" later and eat them after removing the split outer skin.  Sounds like fun.  It is great you are doing this BTW.  People simply to not realize this is a tasty food source.  They are very tasty BTW, I prefer the Foothills palo verde beans the best.

That's cool that you eat the palo verde beans too.  Where are they ripe in early April?  Nothing is ripe here in Ahwatukee (a designated "village" in Phoenix). I'm near 24th St. and Chandler Blvd. A few trees have tiny pods on them, but most are still flowering.  Yes, I prefer the Foothills beans too. TI freeze the fresh pods after vacuum sealing them so I have them year-around.  This year I plan to pick some after they have turned brown, and shell the beans out and cook them as any other bean.  Also I want to try sprouting the Foothills p.v. beans after they've dried out on the tree. Have you ever sprouted them?   

Thanks for your reply!


They are usually ripe in early April---that is to say they are not ripe since they are green inside their husk/shell/pod, but at they're at their edible fresh eating "edamame" best around the Phoenix Zoo area (Papago Park) which now that I think about it eating the local vegetation my violate enumerable city ordinances...I don't know.

I have not tried to sprout them, but when I read about doing so on the Desert Harvesters site my brain went ahhhhhhhh that is such a good idea and it should work for innumerable seeds.  Providing a convenient storage of mature pods/beans and consumption reasonably on demand. 


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