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Hi Folks,


We’ve decided to sell our greenhouse and use the space for a chicken coop and run. It’s an 8’ x 12’ STC Clearview. Houses/Green Houses.html Replacement parts are readily available from the manufacturer.

I’ve used it for two seasons and it’s complete and in great shape. I’ve added 4 adjustable shelves, 2’ x 12’ which increase the growing surface area to 144 sq ft. This still leaves the entire ground area available for growing. Also included are four, 2’ x 12’ heated mats, which maintain ideal temperatures for starting seeds, especially tomatoes. They are my attempt to improve upon this;

We are asking $1100 for the greenhouse, heat mats, double 2” x 6” wood base and small fan for circulating the air. New it is $1799 plus tax at Home Depot.

You can come and see it assembled. Message me your number if you're interested.

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is this still available?


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