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Hello all,

last year I planted grapes which will need to be pruned back this year. I'm wondering if there are any members here that might be able to direct as to the proper time, and more importantly, the proper method to do this? I'm loacted in the Paradise Valley mall area, if anyone's available to provide me with hands on training.

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Got it!
Ok, Rene...we need to talk. Send me you phone # either by ppg message or to Thanks!
If you get to Erica's and get the scoop on pruning would you feel competent leading a group thru it?

To everyone who was following this thread...Rene is hosting a home tour/Grape Vine Pruning Demo next Saturday.  The pruning will be done by a highly trained professional (Eric Mytko of Life's a Garden).  If you want to learn how to prune grapes, now's the time to sign up.  Reserve your spot by clicking on the "Events" tab above, then clicking on the "Got Grapes?" link.


Hope to see you there,


Wanted to see if there would be any cane pruning demos scheduled this next month. I have Thompson grapes on arbors and have been cane pruning. 

I'm not sure about a scheduled class, but here is a website that has a video.  Dave Wilson Nursery provided my first grapes here in the desert and they did fabulously.


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