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Hi I'm Rod & I live in the N/W Phx. Valley...I have away to remove & relocate your Honey Bees. It allows them to leave their hive and enter my portable hive. Without being able to return to their original hive they will set up their new hive in my portable hive.

I will return in 5 - 6 days to remove the 1st portable hive & will replace it with another portable hive. The 2nd hive will remain in place for 7 days to collect any remaining bees that have hatched out. After I remove the 2nd hive I will fill in the hole in your wall or tree.

I also have away to remove a hive that is in the open & is accessable from the ground. I use a vaccume that will genty pull them into one of my Portable Hives. From there I will transport them back to my hive or someone else's hive. They will exit my protable hive on thier own, a tube will direct them into the new permanent hive.

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