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Hi.  I have several fruit trees (from Dave Wilson nursery) that I bought in California, put in pots for a couple of years and brought them out here and planted.  They are quite large now but are all on Citation rootstock, which apparently is great for CA but not for here in the desert.  I have 4 still in pots which I will give to relatives in CA, but wondering about taking out the trees I have and replacing them with a different root stock (and which ones?).  I have a Babcock peach which has produced great in the past but for 2013 I severely pruned it and lost my fruit, then 2014 I do not think we had enough chill hours so no fruit.  And my Katy apricot has been in ground for 7 years but only fruited in 2013.  Any thoughts on starting over?  Thanks.

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Go see Reid Rodger at RSI Nursery for trees on root stock for this area. 

Nemaguard if available for stone fruits.  [Lovell and Myro29C are good too.  Marianne seems to work but stunts development somewhat.]  Cherry on NewRoot1 aka Z-dwarf and 3CR178  [Colt works too.]

Apple M-111

Pear [OXhF333, Betafolia, OHxF97 all seem to work.]

Persimmons [still not particularly set on a rootstock, nor any I don't like]

I am stunned you have trouble with fruit forming on a Katy.

I am not sure how to explain the above unless mislabeled cultivar or you are pruning the fruiting spurs off.  Even then I wouldn't expect all of them to be missing.

Ill second RSI.  I purchased 8 trees from him last spring and am heading back for a couple more soon.

Actually, the apricot was the only tree that I have not touched with pruning shears.  This year, I did cut some back from height.but not much.  So planted since 2007 and only fruited in 2013.  I have an aprium right next to it and another young Tropic Gold (or something like that) apricot near by.  The only tree that fruited this year was my aprium and one of my plums.

Since this seems widespread, I might wonder if you just happen to be in one of the warmest areas of Maricopa Co. with the trees in question getting early morning sun exposure right away between Nov and Feb.  Plus last winter was the least number of chills in 13 years around here.

Even this I would expect Katy, Tropic Gold and Flavor Delight(?) with their low chills to bloom/fruit just fine within 3 years of planting.  Even on Citation if they survive that long. They are all self fertile.  I assume you don't even see flowering on those that do not produce fruit that season?

Anyone else have any ideas? 

Our Katy produced its first crop late year 4/5 + produces a fraction of the number of fruit compared to our Gold Kist.


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