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With temperature drops around the corner, would love to hear suggestions , tips , ideas...etc.

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Here is my idea...not sure if it will work for potted plants

Prop up a camping tent in the garage with a heat source [little fan heater]

I have a 8x10 shed, i was thinking of just putting my containers in there? any suggestions?

I do that with my overwintering temporarily potted citrus.  If you have the time it works great.  I leave them outside until the temps start to get near 32F here.  Then move them into the shed overnight and remove them when it warms up (about 2 hours after dawn.  (My shed does have a 10" concrete pad so a lot of thermal mass.  You may have to run a thermoregulated space heater and fan out there if it is just a bare shed to keep the air inside just above freezing and circulating (drive the upper warm air back down).

For most people that would not be reasonable.  They have to go into work before the sin comes up (maximum cold temp) and come home after sun down.

Under a patio should work well too unless it really starts to get cold like last year (usually in Jan-early Feb.).  Protect from wind chill.

For outdoor plants:  I will cover with frost covers, but that is it.  they survive or not.  I am considering putting a heavy mulch pile down and well wetted under the cover (heat from decomp warming up the arrangement).  I also wrap trunks in thick layer of newspaper.  Others go to even greater lengths to protect evergreens (particularly young ones) but I kind of figure if they are that sensitive I'll let them pass.  [incandescent lamps, army blankets, propane heaters, hoop houses]  I think this will be a mild winter however.

If you have considered a greenhouse, now is a good time to build one.

just an updated, as of 12-4-13 @ 1:30, its raining over here in gilbert (Higley and Queen creek) and in the low 50s.  i moved my tomatoes, romaine, carrots in the shed.  we moved our mad orange, improved meyer, snow queen necterine, spinach and kale(on edge of patio) to the patio.  I just dont know what to with our 3-1 pluot? was thinking of putting in the garage where i can easily pull it in and out?

Any suggestions?

If you have a lot of plants to cover, Arizona Bag Company has the best price on full rolls of frost cloth.


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