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Hi everyone. I just got a load of mulch from Integrity tree service. various trees, mostly woodchips finely chipped - good stuff!. Cross streets are 16th Street and Highland Ave.  - I'm literally right off SR 51. text me at 602-299-0418 or email me at if you are interested. tools and shovels available on site. Help is available on weekends :D

p.s. also  have nursery pots available from 1 qt to 5 gallons. 


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Hi Lisa 

     Do you have any tree service guys who may deliver woodchips to goodyear.Thank you

most tree services work valleywide. It just depends on where they are working. If they have a job in the west valley, then you are more likely to get a delivery.

I am on the list with Integrity Tree Service and Tree Logic. Contact the company and ask to be put on the list to receive woodchips/mulch when they have a job in your area.


Is there still mulch available?


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