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Do you love your chickens?  Dennis and Danielle (@ The Garden Pool) put on a great practical course.  It might be nice if you made a donation however as they IMHO should not be offering "free."  BSF larvae are an incredible resource for chicken owners.  I have seen BSF larvae incubators built into and directly above coops.   And of course they allow you to compost ALL kitchen waste and you can sell them.  The only downside is their seasonality---they like it hot.

How to Raise Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Saturday, June 28, 2014
10:00 AM

McClung Home "The Garden Pool"
1605 W 7th Place
Mesa, AZ 85201

Do you want to see our new Black Soldier Fly (with link to old feeder) Larvae harvester? Now is your chance to talk BSF larvae at the Garden Pool at this FREE class.

In this class you will learn:

• How to raise BSF larvae

• The life cycle of BSF larvae

• How to compost with BSF's

We look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new folks! Can't make it to the class? No worries, we will also be posting the video from the class on

We look forward to seeing you for this FREE class at Garden Pool!

Everyone must RSVP on this page as space is limited, thank you.

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Powell - thanks for this!  Also - thank you for mentioning about the donation - I agree with you.

BSFL... ick! I get them in my compost this time of year. Last year there were so many they were spilling out. I thought when the temps got too high they died though. They certainly are soldiers with that leathery carcass... 

I've some really interesting articles about SFL. Apparently they could be the worlds answer to a lot of waste issues.

bump...only 2 spots left for next week's class!

Composting including meat and cheese with them and selling them.

Hope some of you took advantage of this Sat.'s Duckweed course.


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