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Hi Folks,

I received a newsletter on "Saving Southern Traditions" and the subject was the venerable Foxfire writings.

I came to Foxfire late in what I now know as my journey to sustainability.  Many of you may be very familiar with this incredible work which spanned 12 volumes of work on everything from growing food and preserving to making soap.

"In 1966, a young high school teacher in Rabun County, Georgia, scrapped the standard English curriculum and encouraged his students to get outside the classroom to document the traditions and accumulated wisdom of their own mountain communities. The students sat down with their relatives and elders, recording interviews about everything from making soap to brewing moonshine to cooking hominy, and compiled their work into a magazine called Foxfire."

The museum / group has published a compilation, which I need to look into getting.

Check out this article which includes some photographs.

I have only 2 volumes of the work - I need to dig them out, dust them off and read up again.

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