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Fall Permaculture Design Course starting August 27th, 2011

FDPC Fall PDC [Permaculture Design Course]

led by Don Titmus and taught by local PDC practicioners


when: 8:30am-5:30pm weekends

August 27&28, September 17&18, October 8&9, October 29&30, & November 12th


where: various sites around the valley that demonstrate Permaculture concepts


How much: $750 (get an earlybird discount of $100 if you register by July 23rd)

Space is limited to 14 students, a $100 deposit reserves your spot, balance due by Aug 20, 2011


Students will be required to complete:

• 72 hours of in-class instruction

• Course enhancing homework

• 12 hours of hands-on instruction.


Participants will become certified permaculture designers upon successful completion. Any classes (or portions) missed due to extenuating circumstances will have to be made up. Four primary home sites will be host sites for each of the weekend classes, making for a very personal experience of Permaculture. Plus other arranged tours. Every student will be guided step-by-step in the process of developing a Permaculture Design.

Course Topics Include:

• Permaculture Ethics and Principles

• Patterns in Nature - Patterns that Connect

• Sector Analysis, Site Assessment and Mapping

• Design Practicum

• Water Harvesting and Drylands Strategies

• Zones, [Micro]climates and Guilds

• Chickens and Bees - Animals in Permaculture

• Organic Gardening, Soils, and Composting

• Forest Systems

• Alternative Energy and Alternative Cooking

• Zone 00 – Body, Mind, Spirit.

• Zone 0 - Green Building

• Alternative Money Systems

• Kids in Permaculture

• Eco Village Design and Community


Contact Don Titmus to register

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This is an awesome class!
Yes, definitely a worthwhile class! Don developed a great curriculum that's really tailored towards practicing permaculture here in the Phoenix area.
10 days left to take advantage of the early bird special
Had a wonderful experience with this Valley-specific PDC course!
For those who want to learn about Permaculture there's a lot of information out there, and it's growing. For those who want to experience it, to evolve in its embrace, to become so richly empowered that manifesting it is essentially effortless, no one in Arizona teaches Permaculture like Don Titmus. If you're ready to grow from the inside out, this is the best place to start!

Greetings Permee Fans:

This course is awesome. I took this same course with Don Titmus last fall. Don has many years of in-depth knowledge and experience in the field. The course is challenging, and fun. You will obtain the tools and skills to move forward in what ever level you find yourself. Many people of all levels have taken the course; from the curious minded who wants to just step it up within their of homestead, or the simple backyard gardener, to the ones who want to build an Intentional Community (yet feel as though something is missing?), or Landscapers who want the extra knowledge to grasp a hold of this quickly blooming business, with all you need to know.... permaculture design principles. So, whether you are a backyard gardener or a business owner who is looking for the next gold rush, so to speak; this course is for almost anyone. Now's the time to jump aboard, save a few bucks and get that earlier bird special.

Sign up now, before July 30th and save $100. Alright, I'm excited, see you all there!!!

This is a great course to take whatever your interest level. Don's course is tailored to be comprehensive and easily absorbed and offers hands on opportunities to put practice and principles in place. I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in incorporating permaculture in their life.
I enjoyed this course as well.  It was worth every penny for me.  Don is very knowledgable about everything.
This is a great PDC! Don weaves the Permaculture principles throughout the course. And there are yummy pot-luck lunches too!

I attended the Spring 2008 PDC facilitated by Don Titmus and have been co-teaching the water harvesting segment with Don since 2009. I can truly say taking the PDC changed my life.
Ryan, You were a highlight in the class.  I learned so much from you.  Will you be co-teaching again?
Thank you Cindy. I really enjoy sharing what I know. And I always learn something new from the students as well. I love it! I will be joining in on the fun the first 2 weekends, August 27&28 and September 17&18.


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