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Does anyone know where I might be able to find some drying tomatoes so I can make my own sundried tomatoes?


Any tips for making my own "sun dried tomatoes"... I'm planning on using a dehydrator.


From what I've found on the internet Principe Bourgese does best, but in general any "paste" type tomatoes should do pretty well.  In the many different varieities that I've now planted, I don't have a single one that is dense.


Thanks for anyone's help and/or tips!



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Thanks Chris, I guess I forgot to put "for my garden".


I don't tend to see very many paste tomatoes for sale, and in the many varieties I've bought so far I don't have any paste ones.


Anyone see paste tomato plants for sale?

I just bought some Romas at the Orange Patch Too in Mesa.  They have a lot of varieties of tomatoes, many heirloom types, grown by Sweet Corn Organic Nursery (out of Show Low, I think).  I picked up 4 for $15.  They were supposed to have peppers too but I didn't see any last Saturday.  Orange Patch Too is at 3825 E McKellips, between Val Vista and Greenfield.  The grower, Bryan Jones, was there to ask questions of.  Not sure if he's there every weekend.


I've dehydrated all my varieties of tomatoes in my dehydrator.  Cut them into quarters or eighths depending on size, layed them out on the trays, sprinkled with sea salt, oregano, and basil, then dried.  Mine lasted a good year stored in my fridge.  They were so sweet and made great snacks.

What great information, thanks!
I like to sun dry cherry tomatoes (all kinds really)). They are easy to grow, easy and quick to dry and taste fantastic.
The classic sun-dried tomato variety is  Principe Borghese, developed for its really low water content, so it dries without molding.  I've tried growing it here, but as with a lot of Heirloom varieties, it struggled.  This year I've got the Striped Romans and they seem to be doing okay so far.
I've always used grape tomatoes and dried them in the oven on low with olive oil coating the sheet pan and a light spray on top.  Works great!


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