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I have mature az sweet, tangelo, grapefruit, tangerine and lemon trees.  I would like to formulate my own fertilizer.  I have access to high nitrogen bat guano.  Any Ideas of what to add to this to formulate a balanced general citrus fertilizer?  I am in tucson, AZ. with sandy soil.  

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To be quite honest, most soil in Arizona has great mineral content.  It is missing organic material and nitrogen.  I only add nitrogen (alfalfa pellets) and wood chips (organic) mulch to keep citrus happy.  On a rapidly draining sandy soil (if that is what you have) then possibly a lot of minerals have leeched out.  Have you tested your soil for trace minerals?

I guess my point is bat guano (nitrogen) may be all that you need.  Definitely want to get a nitrogen source down now.

Thank you Powell,  This forum is a jewel to me...learning how to grow trees in our climate.  I have learned the most from hours reading this forum...many of the posts yours,  thank you for responding.

Citrus Fertilization Chart for Arizona

If not using packaged bat guano then bat guano is 7-10% nitrogen.  An arid natural source (local) is likely is on the low end. 

Fertilize your Citrus like an acid liking rhododendron and you'll be ok.
Or you can be lazy and just top dress with chicken manure every month.


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