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I haven't had the heart to pull up this weed; it is so interesting looking. Does anyone know what it is?

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looks like a kind of squash. Hard to tell from the picture though.

Agreed...the buds look like scallop squash.

Or melon or cucumber - might not know until the fruit comes on :-)

I'm just waiting for DeAnn to come back and say ... 'you know, I planted ______ seed there a year ago.'  Life has a way of surprising us.

I've got this exact plant growing in my garden too.  I'd keep it and see what it is; my okra finally identified itself and I'm still waiting for the others to remind me what they are. I planted my garden and neglected to mark what I planted thinking I would

Pam I am sooooo guilty of that, not marking what I plant.  Deane calls me over everything he thinks he has a weed he needs to pull to make sure I ID them :-)

I do hope your 'weed' is not my 'weed'.  The cool pod looking part was indeed a pod of seeds.  Not nearly as cool now that I know it really WAS waiting to spew it's evil seeds in the sweet potato bed!  Sure wish I could report it was a squash.  :-/

De Ann, can you take another picture of the plant or is it too late for that?

I KNEW I should have taken a photo of the seed pod!  But I didn't.  Sorry  :-/

De Ann, did it look like this? or Similar?   If so you possibly had a wild cucumber or relative visit you. :-)

 I looked at Ericka's link and Velvetleaf is spot on.  Yup.  The pods dried very quickly even as the rest of the plant was green and growing like gangbusters.  The leaves had a lovely velvety feel to them.  Bad Weed!

it is Velvetleaf-a weed. It is what Roundup was made for! Seriously! As kids we had to chop and drop these in the soybean fields in Iowa (my grandpa didn't use the sprays back in the day) PULL IT before it seeds!!!


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