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I am wondering what I can plant that loves full sun, doesn't take a ton of water, climbs and grows quickly. I have a chain link fence in the backyard that is hideous---would like to make better use of it, but I cannot saturate the ground with water either - hence, the low water need mentioned above.

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Grapes and bougainvillea both fit this bill.
Thanks. Do you have experience with grapes? Any tips? I haven't had grape vines since I lived in Indiana.
Thanks for the great info.... wow, I would have never thought about grapes here. Amazing.
LEAFHOPPERS. That's all I have to say about grapes. No, it's not. I'll say that I'm actually thinking about removing my three plants (now 3 years old) because I hate walking through clouds of leafhoppers every time I get near them. Right now I'm working on pruning the canes so they rise over the garden (leaving the stupid little critters above my eye level). I have tons of dragonflies, trichogramma wasps, a cadre of praying mantis and assassin bugs of every color and stripe you can imagine, but not even they can keep up with the birth rate of the leafhoppers. Last year I used DE on the plants and, yes, it killed the leafhoppers, but it also killed all the dragonflies. So this year, I'm tolerating as best I can and hoping that putting it all above me will help.

FWIW. Denise
have you tried looking at the mastergarden website? They have a plant search tool that is very helpful if you are not looking for edibles, but just something to cover that nasty chain link.


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