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This may seem like an unusual request, not even sure if its possible...  I went on vacation and when I returned I noticed I left the valve on for my fruit trees.  The bermuda grass turned into towering redwoods.  Anyways I now have cricket-chaos going on in the back yard.  I was considering buying Mediterranean House Geckos on line (1.75 ea)- like 20 of them and letting them loose in the back yard.  Then a friend of mine told me about chickens.  He said they love to forage through the garden gobbling up what they can find. Was wondering if anyone would let me rent or trade for building you something (Im a contractor/ landscape designer...)  Ive got some gobbling if you've got a chicken that likes to gobble.   

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What area are you in?

I am at Northern and 12 st. 

You might have trouble now that I talked about this with my husband. Crickets come out at night mostly and chickens mostly are sound asleep. I'll admit ours are weird and have been up at night some, but they aren't going after food. If it's just crickets you want to take out, you are probably better with the geckos just my two cents.

If you mow the grass down short, most of them will disappear. The remainder are then easier for wild foragers to catch and eat.

I agree, just mow the grass, and all the naturally occurring lizards and birds will eat the crickets. If you get an infestation in your house, well, that's another store!

You are in a scorpion area.  Be careful where you put your hands or bare feet.  I lived in that area for years and my record was 120 scorpions in a year.  I would go out each evening and use a blacklight to search for these little devils and deal with them.  At the time I had a young child and I had been stung twice in an 18 month period.  I still have no sympathy for bark scorpions.

The scorpions love crickets and on top of that you are at the base of a rocky part of the preserve.  I believe that area is considered a "scorpion area" by those who keep track of stings.


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