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I was wondering if anyone has a chicken plucker?

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I've wondered that as well ever since I watched this:

Hi Melissa,

Do you want to borrow/rent one, buy one, or make your own?  Try searching the phoenixpermaculture website for previous discussions or contact Sheri Schmeckpeper ( at SupUrban Farm (  They made a very effective one from an old washing machine.

Good luck,


Melissa, I am looking for a chicken/goose plucker also--either human or mechanical--without much luck. There are many, many youtube diy versions for homemade models, and even though all the guys say "I just took this part or that part", it still seems awfully complicated. If you find any genuinely easy plans, could you let me know and I will do likewise.


My neighbor is one!

Hi, Melissa & Angela. Somehow I missed this thread when it was posted. Sorry about that!

We do have a plucker that we use for our poultry processing classes, and anytime we have more than 1 or 2 poultry to pluck. Are you looking to process a lot of birds? We rent out our yard with tables, plucker, kill cone, and processing space. If you're looking to process only a few, there are some cool attachments to drills that can help pluck birds in a jiffy. They work on the same principle as the Wizbang (the one in the video Powell posted).

Yes, Angela, they are complicated unless you're mechanically minded and like working with motors and gears. :)  They also cost a few, even if you build them yourself. They're very worthwhile, though, if you pluck a lot of birds.


How much do you charge to rent out your plucking equipment? My husband tried to build one using an old washing machine but motor is not powerful enough to handle geese. Would you know the size of motor your plucker has? If you wouldn't mind, this is my husband's cell. Maybe the 2 of you could make arrangements more quickly if you call.

623 810 3367. His name is Skip. I will let him know that you may be calling.



Hi, Angela. I just spoke to Skip. Geese will be interesting - the plucker has never been blessed with a goose. :) If all goes well, we'll see you Saturday.

I think Cabellas has a plucker that goes on the end of a drill. Just c-clamp the drill to the side of a table or saw horse. A lot less expensive than the tub style. The video made it look easy and effective.

I recently purchased a Yardbird and used it last weekend to do 5 CX and 3 EE cockerels. I was very happy with it. It saved me so much time. Well worth the cost for me since I do all the butchering start to finish myself.

I liked that I could take the drum and bottom off to clean it. I have a small plucker for my quail but it's a solid piece. It's hard to clean the feathers out of the bottom of that one.


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