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I have a black currant patch at my place on the AZ Strip and I was hoping to start a patch here.  Does anyone know from experience if they will grow here or not?  The info on the internet is very pessimistic.  I am headed up next week and will bring home plenty to share if they have a chance at all to thrive.  

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I suspect currants (and gooseberries) will grow here, but I seriously doubt they will fruit.  You might want to try growing them in several disparate microclimates on your Maricopa Co. property; especially the north and west facing walls where temperatures would be coldest in winter the longest. 

I have been interested in trying for some time but consider it unlikely to succeed in fruiting here.  'Tseme' black currant is rumored zone 9 so there is hope; Raintree used to sell this cultivar.

One solution would be to try and grow from seed and see if a seedling will be mutant enough to fruit in our soil and climate as has been developed for other environments and other fruits.  Big project.


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