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Hi All, I have an IBC I never got around to using for projects that I got from another premie friend.  I'm not going to use it soon and we are moving, so if anyone wants it, let me know.  You'll need a truck and be able to pick it up sometime in the next week (a truck would be useful - its large).

We are near 12th St and Glendale Ave in North Central Phoenix.  Please message me and I'll let you know the exact address and work out pick up times.


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Yes! I'm interested. Is it clean enough to use for water? How many gallons is it?

I'm not sure on the # of gallons, they are typically around 300.  It currently has leaves and blown in debris in it.  It would need to be pressure washed out but I was planning on using it for rainwater or aquaponics, not drinking water.  


Ok - sounds great. Can I come get it on Saturday?

yes that would be fine. Message me on the site and I'll give you directions.

Searching for used chipper and greenhouse...Glendale and 3rd st


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