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Yesterday I picked aprox 40 peaches ( edible) and then there were those already half eaten  almost a 5 gallon bucket worth.

Which is better. to pick unripe and hope the ripen well inside or ripen on tree and hope we have a chance to enjoy any of them .

After 4 years I am happy to say I am finally getting a harvest. Each year a little bigger and the tough love getting a little easier when it comes to thinning them out :)

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Congratulations, Linda on your harvest.

Over the years we have tried a variety of ways to optimize the flavor.  While we still "try" to let them sit on the tree for best flavor, the reality is without going to the effort tying flashing ribbon on the tree, the birds will get some.  We have decided to try leaving the partially eaten ones on the tree in hopes the birds will concentrate those (it may be a false hope).

Having said that, allowing some 'hard' ones to ripen in our dish drainer or on a special raised drain platform I got some years ago just for ripening fruit and tomatoes etc. - as long as here is no damage to the fruit they ripen nicely on the raised platform (plastic). 360 degree air circulation is what does it so well.

Hope that helps.


the birds and squirrels just laugh at my many decoys… fyi mylar ribbon did not help in the past. 

The peaches are tucked in cotton dish towels…. need to wake them up :)

I have had great success using sunflowers to distract the birds from my fruits.  I have dozens of sunflowers growing throughout the yard, most planted by the birds from last year's sunflowers.  I had very few apricots damaged by the birds, and so far this season only ONE tomato casualty.  I picked about a dozen 2-3" diameter tomatoes yesterday, all beautifully red and untouched.  It's been several years I've been doing this, with similar results.  Another advantage is that sunflowers are the favorite of the peach-faced lovebirds.  So I get to enjoy mornings on the patio watching/listening to them. 

great idea on the sunflowers around peach tree.  Will try that next year! Thanks Ryan!

Most of my sunflowers are about 10' from the tomatoes and about 20' from the apricots, plums and grapes.  Fingers crossed there are still blooming sunflowers when the plums and grapes start to ripen! 

I am so behind on my sunflowers. Just got seeds in ground a week ago . Nothing has spurted from years past that I can tell. Cherry tomatoes in 24 inch pots have been doing well with recycled mesh bags from Trader Joes Sweet potatoes I keep around ( and buy lots of ) . Grateful to say actually harvesting  numbers of tomatoes this year first time to have real addition to multiple meals . ) planted in Oct 2014

Linda, try soaking the sunflower seeds overnight before planting AND you can plant successively through July!

I lost almost every peach to birds last year.  They've already started in on the unripe peaches this year, so am going to try bird netting.  Hate to lose my crop again!!


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