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I just got this wonderful book called "Build your own earth oven" By Kiko Denzer.
The books is wonderful and is written with the mindset that the author’s job is to educate the reader, but also to remember that these things are supposed to be fun. It’s full of inspirational essays, great information and great step by step instructions on building an earth oven. It even has a helpful chapter on baking better sourdough/artisan bread. Most important to me, the author remembers that everything we do should be sustainable so there is a lot of information about obtaining free materials to use to build your oven, and he even recommends that we all do that. There’s no reason to spend tons of money just to build an oven!

I'm going to find out more about obtaining materials and such, and will like to start construction soon, before it get too hot. Perhaps anyone that may be interested or have any knowledge on the subject would like to participate?

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From the looks of yahoo vids etc., a small concrete mixer will save you SO much time and effort. My mom uses one for her papercrete.
American Rental, on 7th St N. of Rose Lane has alwasy been commmunity friendly and will probably give a break on renting a mixer. Home Depot rents them too.

I have dreams of having an outdoor kitchen in my backyard--I already cook solar from time-to-time, but there is not substitute for the flavor of a wood-burning oven...
If I'm off work the day you build your oven, count me in!

Jennifer Smith
Okay, here is an update...
So first of, thanks for all your wonderful replies :o)
Now, it has become so infernally hot, that I thought it will be best do the building of the oven in the fall, that way we don't die of a heat stroke! It will also give some more time for better planing, and material gathering. I want to make sure I have everything we need, so that way it is pretty easy and fast.
I want to make this a pleasant and fun experience, and building anything in 114 degree heat, in my opinion, is nothing but!...
So, stay tuned for the fall date of the oven building adventure :o)
I think this is a great idea. I would love to help you if I can. I saw this video that you might want to look into as well. This is something to consider.
The cob oven was built successfully a while back. Over a year ago. Sorry I haven't update or close this discussion.


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