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Oops... was supposed to post that last question under discussion, not the comments. :)


I saw a few weeks ago a post about the East Valley Gardening Club having a sale and having Moringa seeds available.  I had wanted to attend, but things came up :(


Does anyone have Moringa seeds to give or sale?


While I'm throwing it out there... does anyone have anyone have a thornless Mexican Lime tree, or Bearrs/Persian lime or Keffir lime?  I'm hoping to bud some onto a potted tree that I hope to be a culinary tree.



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I have the Persian and Keffir lime. Both are new transplants (within the last year). I haven't grafted yet. So, I don't know what to cut for you. You're more than welcome to come take cuttings. I'm near Signal Butte and Warner.


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