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Just a last minute reminder, the SupUrban Farm is offering an Introducing Aquaponic Gardening class tonight, April 10 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm. here in Gilbert, near Baseline and Greenfield Roads.

Learn about the benefits of aquaponics, how it works, what it takes to build a system, different methods, and how to cope with challenges. Everything a new aquapon needs to know! So please come if you want to learn about aquaponics and get your questions answered.

We'll also be holding two other aquaponics classes this month: Aquaponic Garden Design, a workshop in which you will design your system, and Aquaponic Siphons, a discussion class on how siphons work and how to use them in your system.

Register for classes here:

Or call to reserve a seat & pay at the door: 480-889-4374

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