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Does anyone know where I can find smaller bales of alfalfa hay?

The regular bales are HEAVY, and more than I need at a time.  I have 2 hens and would like to give them alfalfa for orange yolks.  

THanks all.

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I've been thinking about sowing alfalfa in the yard this year, where do you get the seed from?

If you don't live too far, we could go halves on a bale every now and then.  I live in central Phoenix near Arcadia.  -Zach

Deborah, How big is your alfalfa garden?  How plan on growing it this year to ensure that I will have a supply of hay.

Ernie and Zach, I live in East Coronado and am try trying to find some source of hay and chicken feed in the area.  I want to make sure I am able to get chicken supplies before I get chickens.  I know there are feed stores in Phoenix, I just don't know if I will always be able to get to them.  I bet one of the feed stores or farmers would deliver in the area if enough people were interested.

Grace, you are basically one neighborhood over from me.  I go to Gordon Feed and Seed on 7th Ave and Broadway for chicken supplies, but I prefer Western Ranchman on Greenway and 32nd St. in north Phoenix. I go to both depending on where I am at when running other errands.  I'd be happy to deliver you some stuff regularly if you need it.  I have a truck, and I have to go there anyway at least once a month.  My girls go through about 100 lbs. a month of layer pellet.  I also buy straw, wood shavings and alfalfa occasionally.

Thanks Zach,  I might take you up on your offer.  How many chickens do you have?


The small bags are ridiculously expensive at the pet stores, you'd be better off to buy a bale and still toss 3/4 of it in the trash than buy the pet sized bags. If other people with livestock live near you, you could likely offer them a few bucks for a flake or two off their bale.

Deborah, How are you re-using your rock?  I moved rock to make room for garden space.  Now I have a giant pile of rocks I don't know what to with, another lesson learned.

Jenna, I would gladly pay someone extra money for straw, but if I am going to take on the responsibility of raising chickens I want a guarantee I can get the supplies, that is why I thought it might be better to grow my own alfalfa.  I also want the alfalfa for the garden.  I was thinking of making an alfalfa fence around the vegetable gardens.

Thanks,  you are right, it is hot, that is why I am inside planning fall garden projects.  I know you can make planters with the rocks. Take care of your back.

I like the idea of gabbions, I might try that.


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