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(Hi, folks, any Glendale residents who'd like to help Brienne in her mission to get zoning changes for Glendale? Please email her--Susan, Class Coordinator)

Brienne said, "I am working on getting permission to keep chickens in Glendale... Single Residence zones cannot have chickens – but hopefully soon!... The zoning director that I met with said first and foremost he needs to see that I’m not the only person interested in having a chicken."

Brienne said she is trying to promote chickens as pets and "downplay the use of the 'F' word (farm) and really discuss them as pets. Our zones do allow household pets so the more we can play that up the better. Again, any information you can put together for me to send in showing the increase in pet chickens would be really helpful.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask."


Brienne McDowell


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Going through a similar fight in chandler (we 90% there to approval, May 23 the final vote by city council)
The approach "chickens as pets" does not fly well (pun intended) with the "officials" if your interested pm me and I'll be happy to share our crusade. It's happening! Chandler will allow chickens!
Let us know when the meeting is and we will show up.

Hi Brienne,

Sorry I disappeared for awhile - had a car accident last week and put one of our vehicles out of commission - Boy does that change one's schedule!!  I would still love to help.  I am not sure about the "pet" angle.  When I was cited for chickens, they were very adamant that chickens were NOT pets.  When I pointed out that the code specifically says that you can have small domestic animals, I was told that chickens are not domestic animals (have you seen a flock of wild chickens?!).  Do you think we could really get them to change their minds about them as pets?   

I'm also down to help out any way possible. It will be very hard to pass off chickens as pets, most people don't eat there pets. Another poster here on this forum mentioned trying to install some kind of license system, we all know the city has huge financial problems maybe putting a little money into the city coffers from a small fee chicken owners pay annually would get there attention. Anything you need help with just let me know.

Clucky - if you can give me a rundown of the route Chandler took, that would be great. Then perhaps the rest of us Glendale folks can get together and see how we want to recreate that in Glendale. Kat with VPA is going to post a letter in the newsletter on Tuesday that can be printed off and mailed into the zoning director so he can start to see there is a desire for chickens. I'm open to any suggestions on the route to take - fees, pets, sustainable living, etc. I think someone at work can make the letter a link, but if anyone gets this prior to 5pm today (Friday) and is computer savvy and can make a word document a link to put in the newsletter that would be great. Thanks!

Here is the most recent email I received from Glendale about chickens. I think swaying their opinion would have been much easier if Chandler had gone through, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Let me know if anyone has any other ideas moving forward.

"HI Brienne.  When we met in early May to discuss chickens in the R1-6, Single Residence, zoning district, the City of Chandler was brought up as they were working on a Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment at that time.  Attached is an article from earlier this week regarding the split decision of the Chandler City Council relative to chickens.  Chandler has decided to not allow chickens in residential neighborhoods. 


Since we met we have received a hand full of letters from residents supporting chickens in Glendale neighborhoods.  A Zoning Text Amendment in Glendale is not under consideration at this time.  Thank you.  Jon


Jon M. Froke, AICP

Planning Director | Historic Preservation Officer


City of Glendale, Arizona

5850 West Glendale Avenue

Suite 212

Glendale, AZ



(623) 930.2585"



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