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Has anyone on here signed up with them?  It is a bulk order and you pick yours up at baker's nursery.  I sent them a message several times, requesting an order form, but have had no reply.  

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No, but I'm going to look into it. Organic feed would be perfect. It would save me from having to grow my own.

The group buy is a great deal I got a bag of chick starter this weekend have you tried contacting Scott Brown through his blog post on the vpa site.

Yes I use them.  They just placed an order at the end of November and it seems they place them every other month.  Maybe he added you to the list for next month?  The only hard part about it is you don't actually know the day the feed will arrive.  He does keep you informed with estimates the best he can.

Thanks for the link!  I sent a friend requet which has to be approved before I can send him a message.

Organic, soy free chick food.  Yay!

ßtill not getting a reply.

Order forms will be emailed on Jan 15.

Did you sign up to get the order form emailed to you?


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