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I have a few too many birds at the moment (way more than expected hatched from my batch of Trader Joes eggs) and I'm looking to rehome three of them. They're white leghorns, hatched almost exactly a year ago (on Halloween), and are really good layers. I'm in Phoenix at McDowell and 24th Street. Anyone interested?

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I would be interested in the three birds-I live in Laveen and have a little over an acre where I partially free range my small mixed flock-they have a coop at night so they're safe.  I currently have 7 teenage hens (4 american game, 2 who knows whats, and one wyandotte) a rooster and a turkey. Theyre not quite old enough to lay yet, so I would appreciate some that do!!

If youre interested send me an email at, I could get them as early as Thursday-or this weekend if that is easier.



Sounds good. I'll send you an email.

If Aedan cannot help, I am also interested. I currently have five girls and could use a few more. I live near Thomas and 7th


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