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I'm so excited I am finally moving to a house where I can have chickens! 

So I have some time to plan this (we won't be moving before May) but I really want to feed the chickens entirely from what I can grow (and I consider insects to be "grown").

Does anyone have experience with this? I am finding conflicting advice online. I would like to feed them entirely from kitchen scraps, or even specially grown greens, mealworms, and soldier fly grubs. 

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Congrats Michelle!

Meal worms? I understand that Chickens and Quail love meal worms.  Here is a link to one of the very best videos I have watched on the growing your own meal worms.  This guy produced about 7 little mini youtube videos that show and explain every step.


Thank you!

I grow dubia roaches they are so easy to take care of. I can forget about them for a week and they are fine. Also they breed like crazy. No disease, don't fly, climb, or leave their habitat .


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