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I am preparing to find my first backyard chicken flock. I would like to avoid the trauma of shipping my new babies to be, so I wondered if anyone had suggestions for reputable/local AZ breeders preferably in the Phx area. I do not know if organically raised chicks are even an option, but it is definitely my wish! I would appreciate any helpful information =)

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I don't know of an organic hatchery, but I think it would be a great venture. I happen to have a LARGE high quality incubator and a hatcher that were only used for a year, when I had an ostrich breeding facility.

I would be interested in selling them or partnering with someone who is interested in starting a hatchery, preferably organic, for chickens, quail, ducks, etc.

I thought it would have already been done. I'd love to know if you get this idea up & running =)

Hey, Debbie.  I met you a couple of months ago.  I am interested in connecting with you concerning this.  Email me.  themicrofarmproject(at)



We can hatch for you at our farm.  Let us know how many you would like, and we will put eggs in the incubator.  The chicks will be ready for you in three weeks.

-Kari Spencer


WOW! I appreciate your offer, it is possible that you could solve my dilemma. I'd need to know a few things, like (1) where you are located, (2) what breeds of chickens you would be hatching, (3) what is the cost of each of them, and (4) would they be sexed?

We are located in PHoenix, near 32nd St. and Cactus.  We have mixed breeds (which I think are the hardiest chickens).  Our flock consists of  leghorns, Australorps, Ameraucanas, Orpingtons, Delawares and Barred Rocks.

We will also have pure bred Polish, MiIlle Fleur D'uccles and bantam silkie/frizzle mixes by the end of the summer.

They are not sexed as chicks, which are $4.  However, we do sell 3- 4 month old birds for $18, which are sexed.  We also have point of lay hens for $25.

Oh my goodness! You are practically my neighbor! I live near 32nd St & Shea. I would love to come by your micro farm sometime & maybe we can figure out a plan. The 3-4 month olds may be the best option for us since we cannot have a rooster.

I sent you my number in a personal msg. I would love to talk with you by phone or in person this weekend. We are finishing up our preparations so that we will be chicken ready with our coop =)

Hi Kari I'm also practically a neighbor as I'm just up the road at 52nd st and Cactus. I'll send you a message as I'd love to chat with you further!

The coop is framed & due to it's size, it is referred to as our home addition! We will be painting & adding the wire fencing to complete our preparations for our much anticipated clucking family members. I have not been able to finalize our breeder selection quite yet, so I am still open to suggestions. Although, I very much look forward to hearing from you, Kari Spencer, since your breeds are completely in line with what we are hoping for & your location couldn't be more convenient =) 

Great!  A few of you have contacted me this week.  I am crazy busy with a tour at my house this weekend and other farm-sy stuff.  But, you are on my radar and I will call/contact you back next week! 


That would be great. I hope your weekend is a terrific success!


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