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Hi All just want to remind you that I have a chicken plucker available for those that may be starting or finishing their flock of meat chickens. We built ours about a year ago and so far have harvested ducks, turkeys and chickens with it. It really makes for a nice product and the work load is greatly diminished. Let me know if you are interested!


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Do you charge for your services?
Hi Vanessa,
What is the break-number of chickens you would suggest for using a plucker? I have 5-8 meat birds that we are going to process this weekend. None of us have done this before and will be attempting to pluck after dunking for the few seconds in 155 degree water (unti the feathers come out easily). My neighbor is going to help us and this is the method he described. We want to try this so we know if we can manage (bare) a greater number in the fall. Is your plucker a huge time saver, if so, is it still available and where are you located? Your input is greatly appreciated!
Hi there,

5-8 birds? maybe not. I think you will have to see for yourself really. The plucker defeathers the birds entirely so they are completely naked in 20 seconds. I have no idea what it would be like to process birds without it so it really is hard for me to say. I live in cave creek near dynamite and Cave Creek road so it is up to you as to the distance to come and get the plucker. Do you have any plants to trade or something that you could barter for use of the plucker? normally i charge 75 a day for its use but that would be cost prohibitive for this so few birds.
The cost is definately not worth the small production this time around but this is good to know for future reference. I live in south Tempe. Do you have a picture to post? I wish I had some plants to barter with! I am just getting started and only have a 1st year small garden which is very green right now but not producing much veggies...Thank you so much for your quick response. There are a few of us who are gathering to discuss raising organic chickens for food and with your information we can assess this into the process. We have this 'pilot' project first to see how we all do.
sure let me know if you need any help we have been doing this for awhile and do about 75 birds a year. also this is a good link

Hi Vanessa!

Do you still rent out your plucker??



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