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On Saturday, November 2, we (SupUrban Farm in Gilbert) will be running our Chicken Culling Class from 9-noon. We'll walk through the process of determining whether a hen is laying or not, discuss the options for culling a bird from a flock, and factors to consider before dispatching birds.
That lesson will be followed by a lesson in dispatching, plucking, evisceration (gutting), and preparing the bird as food, and you will be guided through the process of dispatching your own bird(s) that you bring to class, evaluate, and select to dispatch. If you are familiar with the dispatch process, you may attend the culling evaluation lesson only for a smaller fee. For more information, go to

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When will you be offering this course again?

Heather, I'm taking a sabbatical from offering classes  this spring so that my husband and I can put all our efforts into paying off our final debt - our house (financial sustainability is important, too!). We hope to be starting our classes back up in the fall, and this class would be included in the fall offerings.

Thanks for asking, and I hope to see you in a few months!


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