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I have a soft spot for silkies!  I'd like three or four pullets or young hens but I can't seem to find any! I'm in Scottsdale but clearly I will have to travel.


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I do! They are 3-4 weeks old. I have some sizzle and frizzles as well as purebred silkies. I'm pretty good at guessing their sex but it's not foolproof. I'm in central Phoenix 4eight0-363-seven07seven call/text. I can send photos

Oh fabulous! I just want the soft purebreds.  I'd love to see photos.  I'll call you tomorrow. Thank you!

I have a silkie roo born the middle of March. My 2 roos are fighting so 1 has to go :-(

I live in Desert Hills (north Phoenix)

Oh thanks Marion, but I can't take boys. I'll have to rehome any I get accidentally.  

Our silkie, Chery went broody 3× this summer. You will have a wonderful moma hen. Post photos when you get your new babies
I have tried the rooster caller with no luck. But I gave one to a friend and it worked wonderfully on her rooster.

Did you say no roosters? I guess not in Scottsdale, right?  Too bad, I have a hansom 2 yr old Silkie Rooster that needs re-homed. Very good with the girls, I just have a neighbor that says 'no way'. So sad.


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