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We build from pine a three bin compost system and now want to seal the wood for longevity.


Any thoughts on what to use and were to get it?  I've heard of Soy Guard and Soy Seal but can't find it in Phoenix.


Also, do we even need to seal the wood?


I appreciate any suggestions.




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Eco clean 480 947 5286 located at 36ths st just south of Thomas might carry a product or know of a product that would work.

Thanks.  Just called them and they have a product we can use.



Try Real Milk Paint Company. I called them once and they had a suggestion for me.

Since good compost is moist, you will need to protect the wood from rotting - so, yes, sealing is advised.

If you want to be totally organic, use a penetrating oil sealer like tung or linseed.  Tung is pressed from tung nuts, is a high end wood finishing product and runs about $15 to $20 a pint.  You can find it online.  Linseed (boiled cotton seed) is carried by HomeDepot, about $9 per quart.  Both will harden the wood and produce a soft seasoned look.  From my experience, two coats of linseed oil will last 3 or 4 years before a re-coat is needed.  The nice thing about an oil finish is that you don't need to sand or scrape to re-coat and it gets harder over time.

Polyurethane is a good sealer and very stable but not organic.  It can be used on bowls for food preparation so it can't be too bad.

I would stay away from any paint or primer type sealer.  In time, it will peel and flake with the moisture of the compost.

I have had very poor results with Thompson's Water Seal.


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