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Greetings All -
In Central Phoenix, are any of you interested in a crop sharing expedition?
Not quite sure how it will work, but wanted to get a feel for fellow input. 
Doesn't need to be anything formal, CSAish.  More like a casual 'what you got - what I got' situation.  Maybe even focused farming (I do tomatoes, he does citrus, she does leafy goods, etc).   I'm thinking very local, neighborhood like.  (Perhaps this may blossom toward a few crop share groups.)
I am located in the central coridor (Royal Palms 'Hood, northern/15Ave).
Post here in Permieland or email me directly.  Let me know, who's interested and where you're located in town.  Enjoy!
central phoenix

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Howdy All -

I have compost starter/stimulator! I will feature it at my compost workshop this saturday 08/28 and give some away. If you can attend, there are goodies to be had!
My second wave of fall crops are on the move!

Need worms and heirloom black oilseed sunflower seeds. Willing to trade garden grown garlic or other heirloom seeds-various kinds.
I'm interested, although my production is low at the moment, I have a little of several things (mint, parsley, basil, peppers, figs, greens, eggs). Location: Thomas & 56th St.

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if this trading expedition is still going on? It looks like the last post was in 2010, but I do have more zucchini and soon to be tomatoes than I can eat and was wondering if anyone was open to an exchange still?  I'm at 28th and Camelback. 

Haven't heard anything since.  My garden is starting to wind down from the heat.  Did find a source for black oilseed sunflowers, and I expect to buy some and plant the next round of stuff late August/early September

Howdy All - I want to schedule a meet-up in early September 2011.  My summer crops are taking a beating, but will have a good batch of starters for the fall.  (This is my 'rebuilding' year.)

Hope you guys are having good success!


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