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Greetings All -
In Central Phoenix, are any of you interested in a crop sharing expedition?
Not quite sure how it will work, but wanted to get a feel for fellow input. 
Doesn't need to be anything formal, CSAish.  More like a casual 'what you got - what I got' situation.  Maybe even focused farming (I do tomatoes, he does citrus, she does leafy goods, etc).   I'm thinking very local, neighborhood like.  (Perhaps this may blossom toward a few crop share groups.)
I am located in the central coridor (Royal Palms 'Hood, northern/15Ave).
Post here in Permieland or email me directly.  Let me know, who's interested and where you're located in town.  Enjoy!
central phoenix

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We got lots of citrus - grapefruit and oranges each year. Happy to pitch in to the group! As you know I'm near 7th st and Glendale Ave in the old citrus groves.
I'm interested! But don't know anything about it. So far, I have eggs. My citrus and grapes are beginning to mature. And I'm slowly learning vegtables. I'm on McDowell/Central. Keep me posted~
I am interested too. Perhaps a westside venture, as I am at 67th Av/Union Hills. I have ruby red grapefruit, peaches, Anna apples and seasonal vegetables In a few more years I expect to have an abundance of tangelos, limes, and nectarines and pomegranites.
Absolutely with eggs! I intend this to be very casual very open - eggs, edibles, garden plants, compost - the whole gamut pretty much. It's about the neighborhood networking of it. (Liz&Dan you know you're already in my circle :-)). Just really want to start the dialog and connecting. Eventually, I would think things networks could organically form, either by location (who's close to whom) or by need (who eats a lot of citrus or generates a lot of seeds).
So, I see this thread (this Central Permie Group?) as a continuing thing.
Maybe we could start with this:
If everyone could at least mention what area you are in as well as what you produce in your garden (and remember, this may change season to season).
Hi I'm Vynnie - and I'm a Central Phoenix Permie.
I'm near Northern & 15Ave.
Currently I'm producing compost and compost starter.
I'm working on producing more compost, tomato seeds, tomato seedlings, and lisbon lemons.
Would like to connect with heirloom/heritage seeds (pretty much anything), okra, and beets.
I live over near greenshoes @ 51st Ave and Cactus. But my commute is down 7th Ave to downtown. Perhaps I can act as a connector?

As far as what I have, it's not much right now. Just some swiss chard and chile peppers. Tomatillos should be starting soon. In the winter, I'll have loads of tangerines.

I'm also willing to trade some of my home-canned items for ingredients / produce.
I'm also interested. I live near 15th Ave. & Indian School Rd. So far, I have eggs, basil, compost, and maybe some citrus once they mature.
Sounds like a great idea! My microclimate runs a little hot - but I'm starting seeds this weekend (heirloom!). I have a hand with leafy greens (swiss chard and kale mostly) - tend to overproduce those (have a full regular garden). Also hoping to have luffas this year. Love to trade for eggs or goats milk, as well as fresh fruit and nuts, and fruit tree seedlings.

Have some home grown garlic to trade now - outsides are dried and greens off.

Location is 12th st and Camelback area.
Oh - and I could use some worms for my compost pile!
i'm interested! all i have right now is tons and tons of mint...and worms, but i'd like to grow more foodstuffs! we're at mcdowell/7th ave.
Wanna trade garlic for worms in a few weeks? I want to give my garden a chance to cool down a little before I put the worms in the compost container :)
I'd be interested in something like that. My tomatoes & bell peppers were almost non-producing this year, but I have lots of eggplant and swiss chard. I even have a large pecan tree and it looks like there will be lots of nuts this winter. I'm also in central phoenix.


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