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Does anybody have experience with tiller repair? We had to replace the used tiller that we bought 20 years ago with another used tiller. This one is a rear tine monster that should be a workhorse for years to come, but we need a little help diagnosing a problem with a bolt engaging with a circular metal gear of some sort.

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Here are some pictures
i am wondering if you still have this tiller and the manual. I have bought one just like it. I fixed it back up but something seems off and i was wondering if you could email me the manual. This is the only picture i can find on the web, of a tiller like mine.
btw i have a dub-l-til tiller made by magna
i have found this out. I got the tines working right. It was my fault. When i put the gear boxes back together i must have switched the worm gears. So i was up till 3 this morning fixing it. It works just like it should now. Still would like to have a manual. For anybody who has one of these, i have all the part numbers for the oil seals and tine bearings and belt sizes
This is the way the number is stamped on the casing of my Till Smith. I posted this question last night but I'm not sure it got posted. I looking for the right size belt. I don't think the right size belts are on there. I had posted pictures of the Tiller a while back in this forum.

Chad, I am new on this forum, just came across your posts on Tillsmith Tillers.  I just purchased a Magna Tillsmith, rear tine, 8 hp, dub-L-til, with counter rotating tines.  Unfortunately no manuals on it at all.  I would appreciate getting ANY info possible on the machine.  Mine is in great shape but needing a few minor repairs.

My tines do not stop rotating, due to wrong size drive belt.  Would you know proper belt sizes, and how to change them? Would appreciate copy of your part numbers etc.


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