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We planted a new tree and had to dig up some of our Dutch irises (white) and periwinkle. We also dug up a lantana (multi colored) that I didnt even know was there. Maybe 30 - 40 irises and 1 big lantana and 3 bits of periwinkle. They all should be replanted soon... I live near 15th and McDowell. I also have some purple bearded irises. Any takers?

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I will take some irises. Can I pick them up today? i am off work early today. You can call me at 602-538-0467 if you still have them.
I was at work. Just got done. I still have them. I will be home tomorrow until 3. Same with Thursday. My husband will be there or i can just leave them out for you...
OOH! I am also interested if you have any left! I would be able to pick them up after 4pm any day this week... Could you send me the address? or you may call me at 602-882-2760. Thanks!!
It seems we will not be able to mesh schedules. I my home is at 1708 North 15th Avenue. It is 7 houses north of McDowell. The irises are in a large black pot at the front of the driveway next to the boulders. Please stop by and take as many as you want before they die. I will leave some plastic bags out there and you can place them in the bags to transport them to your house.

Hello, my name is Larry--I would love to get some of the lantana, periwinkles and irises.  I will be more than happy to to pick them up anytime.  Just let me know and either call me on my cell at (646) 708-4921 or email me at:


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