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Anyone interested in going on a citrus hunting/gathering spree down here in central phx? also...interested in using some of the nasty-tasting oranges to make orange marmalade??

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When do you want to go?
how are Sundays for everyone??
Awesome Doreen! Thanks :)
If you are interested, my neighbors and I have lots of very good oranges and grapefruit near 11th street and Glendale.

Hi there! I am with the PPG board of directors and we are trying to coordinate a citrus gleaning day. We'd like to find a central Phoenix area (perhaps Arcadia?) where we can get a bunch of volunteers and houses to glean. If you are interested, please add to this conversation with the following:
1. How many volunteers can you bring?
2. Do you have an area that needs gleaning?

If you are more comfortable, email me this info at: africankelli at gmail dot com
Thank you!
I have three sour orange trees (15th Ave & McDowell). I am interested in making some marmalade.



We are new here, but this sound interesting...

Maria and I are Interested...


email us at dmason @ phoenixcomputerlabs . com


Great idea....



Phoenix, AZ



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