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APS cut my huge mesquite back and I had asked them to leave me the wood chips.  They left me the whole load which is WAY more than I can use on my property.  Anyone want some? I need to get them off my driveway.  

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Hi Stephanie!

What part of town are you in? :)

I am at 66th and Thunderbird Rd (Just West of Scottsdale Road)

Ok - I am over off of 83rd & Jomax. A bit too far to go :(

Thank you so much for your offer!

Thorned or thornless?  If thorned, native or South American or do you know the species?

A thorned native wood chip pile will have long thorns present capable of readily penetrating shoe soles and tires.  They are otherwise great material just make sure not to use them where people or pets will walk or cars or air-inflated tires of a wheelbarrow will traverse.

The thornless or South American species aren't a problem.

Powell they are mostly Palo Verde, Mesquite some Pine.  It's what they cut as they went down the street.  When APS does it most of it's pretty small (much smaller than we can do with a typical chipper.) There could be thorns in it but we haven't seen them.  They take limbs with everything on them and run them through it so you see sections of Palo Verde leaves looking almost like grass.

This stuff nothing will grown in if you want to use it around bushes and such.  We covered our front garden because we are not planting in it this year.  We will also use it as walk area in the back as it breaks down and around all the other trees, planting sections ect.  

I just have WAY too much of it!  :)  

Keep in mind whatever you laid out will shrink by about half pretty fast due to dessication and settling. 

Interesting their chipper is more of a shredder.  Lets them get more in per load but probably harder on their equipment.  Will decomp faster which is good in our environment where woodchips hang around about three years.  May eliminate the thorn problem.  Wood chippers have already demonstrated their ability to eliminate pests in the wood...a finer process would likely eliminate eggs too.

You should post a picture.

Good point.  I walked on it this morning a little and I'm not seeing thorns but ?  

Your the best Powell.

I would love some, but I am about to leave town for a week :( bummer!

Wish were were closer.. Plus it is great to know where the wood chips come from.. We had a neighbor get some compost from the city. Meaning, it could of had pesticide along with any other stuff.. Our chickens would love this in their run..
Thank you for posting this..


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