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In downtown Phoenix, we got about a quarter of an inch - and a few hailstones - for about 2 seconds.

The below image is from  Looks like the rain started in Central Phoenix (the pin is my house), and the West Valley got the majority the rainfall.

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We were hammered out here in Maryvale - it was awesome :)

I'm feeling a little jealous...

gilbert > ocotillo/higley, came down pretty decent for about a five minutes, then stopped.  just enough to get everything dirty...smh

We got some at some point last night because the soil out front on the easement was damp this morning.  No sign of water however (puddles) so it could not have been much.  Weeds will pop up soon.

56th st and Indian School rd

Powell - is your house one of the one's served by that little hydroelectric station at 52nd Street and Indian School?

Arizona Falls...nobody's house is served by that (well maybe a little).  It historically used to power this area with its first electricity---25Hz (cycle).  The light bulbs flickered on and off at 25 times a minute...rather irritating I imagine.  My next door neighbor's house (early 1930's) was one of it's  customers, though those customers are unfortunately now deceased. 

When SRP built that tribute to Arizona Falls they included a power turbine generator...I do not know if it was rebuild using some of the original generator, but it does contribute a very small amount of electricity (60Hz now) to the grid. 

Unfortunately after 911 the federal government demanded ALL power stations had to have guards 24/7 and denied them an exception.  I would have told them to get stuffed but that is why there may be a guard there to this day.  They were also forced to take some of the viewing area of the generator in action out.

I quaked with terror cowering under my bed at night fearing Osama bin Ladin would cast me into darkness with a suicide bomber taking out the power station.  Fortunately Janet Napolitano's Homeland Security was there to save me.  :-(

Thanks for the link and the NAME of the place (have been wracking my brain for months - really!)

Oh boy - about the guards.... :-/

Yes, it has been over two years since I last was there.  I may walk over there today to see if they are still around.

If you do go and you feel the urge, I would love to see some current pics of the place.  I will endeavor to con a friend into driving me over there at some point, too.

I am way out west, 184th Avenue, and it rained for about an hour.  We got 1.5 inches.  The thunder and lighting were right overhead.  Had to head out to the barn to calm animals down.  We were all convince the barn metal roof was the highest thing around.  Quite a show out there.  Interesting to have barn animals crowd around you as if you will calm the heavens.  It was great to have that rain.  All soaked in now.

Wow, Victoria - what an interesting experience!  Thanks for sharing it.  I can just picture all the animals clustered around you :-)

Lucky you for getting all that rain - and even better, it all soaked in.

I see that some folks in the far NW Valley got 2+ inches of rain.  For us, that's an exceptional amount of rain.  In fact, 2" of rain in an hour is considered a "100 year rain event"!

No rain for us in north Scottsdale, I'm too am a little shocked (and envious) looking at those numbers!

Boo, I guess we just have to wait our turn!


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