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Where do you find them?  

Can they be grown in a large pot to keep it from spreading?

Full sun?

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I grafted a few branches last year of Shanxi Li, so no fruit yet.  I think the fruit will likely be similar to Li, just a lot bigger.  Like I said, the stories I've heard about Honey Jar and a few others out here are all anecdotal.  Unfortunately, though, Sherwood has been a dud for me.

I hope your trees prove otherwise and you get lots of fruit.  If not, you can always topwork the trees.

Here's a good reference for you.  Pay attention to pages 20-21.  I also have the Roger Meyer notebook on Jujubes -- unfortunately, not scanned.

I'll probably get Ant Admire and Chico next year if I can find more room in the yard.

really appreciate your responses, and hopefully could return the favor as i have a young ant admire and a chico cousin(gi-1183) planted this spring, and it seems that the ant admire is forming little flowers. I should have some tidbits of  info by fall this year, since we have practically the same summers and winters, if not for the occasional sub-freezing early mornings here.

aside from sherwood, ant admire and gi-1183, this is also my first growing season for contorted, shanxi li, sugar cane,  sihong, silverhill, lang, and norris#1. 

the only jujube i am not naive to is li, which have been very productive last year, but not sweet enough to encourage our little boy to eat in any amount.

just hoping our sugar cane and honey jar bears fruits this summer to 'educate' his taste buds..

RSI usually has Li and Ling Ling in stock. They are huge and in 15 gallon containers. Usually run around $50 but will have huge production right away. Reid would be able to answer any questions you may have about growing them in containers or anything else. Here's his website.

where is RSI?

You should also visit his forum.

Ignore his inventory on his web page.  He paid good money to have someone modernize its interface and doesn't keep the inventory up (at least I hope he doesn't keep the inventory up) which is too bad.  Reid is a font of info and opinions and well worth listening to.


Information and opinions indeed.

I have two trees from him in my yard planted recently and can attest they rock. You certainly pay a bit more but well worth it. Had I known before I'd have bought more trees from him. If you're patient he can likely create some fun cocktail trees. I have a cocktail peach that's fun.

Bakers has a nice selection for 20-30 bucks but paying the extra 20 for a tree from RSI is the difference between eating fruit ASAP and waiting a few years

Glendale.  His stuff is the best, especially the tree fruit.  He has a gigantic demonstration orchard at the front of his property to attest to the vigor of his trees.

Yes, it is interesting the Google "satellite" map image of his property shows before he planted much more than sticks out front from how many years ago?

I got on that link but there isn't an address or phone for him. Do you have it?

RSI Growers. 6011 West Greenbriar Drive. Glendale, Arizona 85308. (602) 504-9787. Always Contact us Before you make a Drive to our Nursery

I was there when he had the bobcat out five years ago.  He planted all of the reject trees -- borer damage, badly pruned, et al.  It's amazing what they've turned into.

RSI only has Lang and Sherwood but Baker has GA866 and Li.  they also have a contorted that is really cool looking.  Anyone know anything about the fruit on this type though?


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